Secret George Clooney VIDEO Commercial in Internet shocked Nespresso


If Nespresso had a choice, no-one would watch this commercial with George Clooney. Nobody would share this on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Update 30.10.2011:

checked October 17th, 2011: Video activ again

Update 18.10.2011:

VIDEO KILLED after Nespresso met on September 9th, 2011, with Solidar Suisse in Bern

What asks for, is:

“No one would tell George Clooney that the tasty and expensivecoffee is traded from the capsules anything but fair. And that’s whywe should do just that! To share it to your friends.”

To get more information about the story:

Editors Note: for me it´s one of the best advertising series, but the most stupid and expensive consumer product with lots of material (most aluminium) and little coffee! At the same time I appreciate the solidar activity to improve working conditions.

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