Hackers and Wikileaks attack PayPal again


Wednesday 27th of July – Hackers and Wikileaks are in comon action to close accounts with online payment service PayPal. Within the first 24 hours PayPal was losing tens of thousands accounts. The share price of head company eBay suffers a great loss. PayPal responds with service limitations.

The hacker networks Anonymous and Wikileaks Lulzsec have called for closing accounts at the online payment service Paypal. This causes problems at the head company eBay.

EBAY - Nasdaq

It is part of a retaliation for the arrests of activists a few days ago.

Anonymous claims to have heard from company officials that more than 20,000 accounts were closed in the first 24 hours during the campaign “Operation Paypal”.

Paypal then apparently responded with a cheap trick: from the website suddenly disappeared the option of closing the own account. Now its only possible via service phone number of Paypal, wrote Paypal on Twitter.

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