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Mark Forchette: You Must Have Passion

Mark Forchette

Mark Forchette, OptiMedica’s CEO, shares how his passion for a company’s products led to his first job with a major consumer products firm. In this humorous anecdote, Forchette describes winning over a recruiter at a college career fair, by sharing his enthusiasm for the company’s food and beverage products that he enjoyed as a student.


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The Video is a cut of a speech “Live for the Future and Survive Success”.


You must have passion. Now for this lesson, I’m going to go back to when I was interviewing on campus at Auburn. And every week, companies came in and they’d put their names up and you see who you want to interview you and sign up and I saw this company, Armour-Dial. Yeah, Armour Dial. Wow, I love their products. So I want an interview, so I signed up.

And I went in to the interview and shook the guy’s hand. I sat down and he started asking me the usual questions. In about midway through, he said, “How much do you know about our company?” And I say, “Are you kidding? I love your product. I use them every single day.” And he said, “Really? How is that?” And I said, “Well, everyday that I’ve been a senior here at Auburn for lunch, my lunch has been a can of Armour Vienna, six Saltine crackers, and a Miller Lite. And he kind of laughed and he said, “You mean, you really eat this stuff?” And I said, “Not only that, I absolutely love it. I would love to sell your product.

“Now, I knew nothing about sales that time absolutely nothing but I had a lot of passion for Vienna sausage and beer. And so, that passion got me my job. That was a really big lesson for me when I learned that and that enthusiasm has a big role.

About Mark Forchette

Mark Forchette serves as president and CEO of OptiMedica. Forchette has more than two decades of experience in ophthalmic sales, marketing and business unit management. Immediately prior to OptiMedica, he served as vice president of global marketing and sales for the vitreoretinal business unit of Alcon. In this position, he led the vitreoretinal unit through a period of substantial portfolio enhancement, infrastructure development and a significant increase in market share.

Prior to Alcon, Mr. Forchette was vice president of sales and marketing at Grieshaber & Co. Inc., where he led the privately-held Swiss company’s domestic operations through major infrastructure and revenue expansion. Grieshaber, which was acquired by Alcon in 1998, remains a significant contributor to Alcon’s successful vitreoretinal portfolio of products. Mr. Forchette received a B.S. in marketing from Auburn University and completed the Harvard Program for Management Development.

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