39% say they could you fall in love with a Robot!


Artificial Intelligence, and virtual assistants, in particular, already perform dozens of tasks for hundreds of millions of people every day, but we now see that they also offer people emotional support, friendship and even more.

What’s clear is that there is no aspect of our lives that has not been touched by the rise of virtual assistants and, believe it or not, smartphones are just the beginning.


Soon our cars, homes, and offices will be filled with connected devices – and not just watches, phones and computers. Fridges, desks, coffee pots, jackets, and every other physical object you can imagine will soon be connected devices. Voice-powered virtual assistants will be how we communicate, control and benefit from our connected future.

We may not all fall in love with our virtual assistants, but sooner than later, we’ll forget how we ever lived without them.

Dialogflow (by Google)
Dialogflow, a Robot Software is backed by Google (before Conversational UX Platform | Natural Language Understanding Platform, Context Awareness, Intent Recognition, Conversation Management | Applications, Services, Chatbots, IoT: Devices | ConnectedCar, Smart Home, Wearables.
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