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Psychometrics on Facebook (plus Video)


Last couple of days a Swiss magazine was reporting (Michal Kosinski, Psychologist) about the voters manipulation through Psychometrics on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg had to admit after a couple of days that his Network was vulnerable through his system of delivering more of the same content you are looking for.

To make it understandable you should focus to Cambridge Analytica, one company behind the scene.

They use the established scientific OCEAN scale of personality traits to understand what people care about, why they behave the way they do, and what really drives their decision making.

  • OPENNESS • Do they enjoy new experiences?
  • CONSCIENTIOUSNESS • Do they prefer plans and order?
  • EXTRAVERSION • Do they like spending time with others?
  • AGREEABLENESS • Do they put people’s needs before theirs?
  • NEUROTICISM • Do they tend to worry a lot?

In a 10 minute presentation at the 2016 Concordia Summit, Mr. Alexander Nix discusses the power of big data in global elections. Cambridge Analytica’s revolutionary approach to audience targeting, data modeling, and psychographic profiling has made them a leader in behavioral microtargeting for election processes around the world.

Better Audience Targeting

The Power of Big Data and Psychographics

by CEO Alexander James Ashburner Nix (British, 41) from Cambridge Analytica

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