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There is a new, advanced Live Video function on Facebook available, starting April 2016. We see in the mid term a very interesting feature of communication. So we decided to start using it on three Facebook Pages:

  • Web & PR Service, Yachting and China-Consulting.

The first Live Video is online. News and support through Norberto Moreau, our freelance specialists and invited collaboration partners!

Today everybody is online, lots my friends have businesses and I am used to answer questions. So I thought I will answer your questions live related to:

Server, Domains, WebDesign, SocialMedia, Press Releases, Influencing, Communications Tactics etc.

The video on Facebook:


Here some key points to questions which I am used to answer.
(Please note: discussions with professionals are amazing, but this is not the right place for.)


Problems with the web server, select servers, domain transfer, server configuration, page statistics, software installations on servers, which admin system, WordPress, WordPress plugins, data backup, employee access


Good domain name, choosing domain extension, reliable domain registration, domains and search engines, cost of domains, multiple domains


Design decelerates selling, red thread running through the web page, page speed, websites that sell or not, search engines tricks, hoax with ranking, success or failure with landing pages,


Online customer acquisition, convert followers to customers, what links to post on SocialMedia, new SocialMedia channels, target groups,
… for channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Periscope, Vine, Snapchat

Press Releases

Good or bad press release, content and presentation, formats are changing, transmission frequency, follow up with journalists, how journalists think, contact forms (phone, email, social media), selection of agencies, communication techniques online, live interview with journalists


Professional agencies, Youtube freelancer, perfect influencer products

Looking for JOBS?
We are always looking for native speaking (Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese) cooperation partners for our freelance team related to SocialMedia, Translation and PR projects. Interested? – Please drop us a line!

About the author


Norberto Moreau is co-owner of the group Allied Management Ltd (Hong Kong, London, Valencia). The group and his associates have activities in Yachting, Properties and IT.