New robotics revolution: what does it mean for us biologicals?

The new robotics revolution: what does it mean for us biologicals?

Every day we hear ‘the robots are coming’. In reality, the robots are here. We seeing a new robotics revolution: social robotics.
Carl Clement will explore how social robots are impacting our lives, the technologies enabling the revolution and our responsibilities in this emerging culture. How will intelligent machines change the way we view ourselves, our society and what it means to be human? How far can we go to bring social robotics culture into our lives and society?

Carl Clement speaks about the robotics revolution (15min)

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Carl Clement, Founder of Emotion Robotics

Carl Clement has been involved in robotics since the late 1980s. He is particularly interested in the social impact robots will have as they emerge from research and development into homes, schools and workplaces. Emotion Robotics provides consultancy, development and full supply services to those wishing to utilise robots.

This talk was given at a TEDx event independently organized by a local community.

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