Why Facebook bought WhatsApp


As anybody could read in the popular press, fast-growing mobile-messaging service WhatsApp for $19 billion in cash and stocks. 
Even the news came up today, sources told us that the take over dinner with CEO Koum were 10 days earlier, on the night of February 9th. Regarding a statement of Zuckerberg and Koum, WhatsApp will  operate independently.

WhatsApp was founded by the Ukrainian immigrant Jan Koum who dropped out of college and the Stanford alumnus, Brian Acton.


  • the deal provides Facebook with the telephone number,
  • new users in other countries where FB is not that distributed,
  • teens who don´t like to use FB and
  • FB users who never wanted to use the FB messenger. 

See the MAP of messenger users of Facebook and WhatsApp




published by Norberto Moreau

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