Merge Windows Live Messenger Contacts with Skype

merge msn to skype

Microsoft Corporation acquired Skype Communications for US$8.5 billion on May 2011. Now they have decided to kill 12-year-old WLM Windows Live Messenger (known as MSN Messenger) in the first quarter of 2013, except China. Messenger users can now migrate to Skype, their contacts will be merged.

  • Download and install Skype.
  • If you have Skype, launch it and logout.
  • Sign in to your Microsoft Account (Messenger, Hotmail,
  • Again sign in to your Skype account by clicking “I have a Skype account”. This will merge the two accounts.

Skype has about 280 million active users,and the merge will add Messenger’s 100 million+ users to Skype.

But there is more:

Connect with Facebook friends through Skype

Exclusive to Skype – make video and voice calls, as well as send instant messages, to all your Facebook friends direct from Skype. Skype and Facebook have teamed up to make it easier than ever to stay in touch. Video call with all your Facebook friends direct from Skype.

Now you can use Windows Live Messenger network, Skype and Facebook — all in one application.


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