Hugvie Pillow Robot Adds Cuddling to Phone Calls

Hugvie Pillow Robot

The “Hugvie” is a small pillow robot that lets you connect with your phone call on a more personal level, according to the designer. See here a video report from Newsy:

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Its name is Hugvie ­- but to most, this new techie toy is just a little too creepy. DigInfoshares the product demo out of Japan.

“The Hugvie is a cushion in a minimalistic human form. It contains a pocket in which you can put your mobile phone transforming it into a physical communication medium.”

The idea behind this pillow of a friend is that you feel closer to the person on the other end of the phone. So the creator has lined the robot with vibrating mechanisms that pulse like a real heartbeat during your conversation. CNN isn’t sold.

“Again, assuming we’re taking this development seriously, it falls in an interesting (and/or terrifying) line of devices that aim to connect long-distance communicators via touch, or to enhance media-viewing with haptic feedback.”

CNN’s not the only one. Gizmodo Australia gives the creator the benefit of the doubt…but isn’t too sure the design works.

“This is one of those concepts that has noble intentions — I think — but comes across as just a little weird. Maybe a whole lot weird. It’s a mobile phone pillow/robot with inbuilt vibration motors designed to make mobile calls a lot more personal.”

And even though UberGizmo doesn’t think this robot is worth the squeeze, they let you know just how much it’ll cost to get your hands on it.

“Expect the Hugvie to retail for approximately $60, and it does not seem too enticing to own one as it scares the pants out of me – reminding me of those pick-me-up dolls that open their eyes when you do so.”

Right now the Hugvie is only being sold in Japan. But if the rest of the world needs a little love, the creator says he’ll export his friendly invention.

Transcript by Newsy.

(Image source:, newsy)

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