Facebook passed the 900-million-monthly-user mark


Facebook’s latest update to its IPO paperwork shows it has more than 900 million users, more than half of which log in on a daily basis.
With 901 million users and 7.009 billion Earthlings, now one in 7.7 people in the world have a Facebook account.
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Facebook is looking pretty solid ahead of its IPO. The social network issued an amended S-1 Monday, which included financials for the latest quarter.

Facebook made in excess of $1 billion in revenue for the quarter ending in March. That’s a 45 percent jump from last year, but it’s also a six percent drop from last quarter. And net income sank by 32 percent from December. The Wall Street Journal explains.

“Their employees are also up 57 percent, compensation expense is up a ton, marketing expense is up a ton. So that’s the reason we’re seeing profit come down.”

But that decline hasn’t hurt Facebook — the S-1 numbers value the company at some $77 billion. And Facebook said it’s passed the 900-million-monthly-user mark to boot.TechCrunch puts that in perspective.

“With 901 million users and 7.009 billion Earthlings, now one in 7.7 people in the world have a Facebook account.”

SlashGear suggests there’s only one reason Facebook will stop growing.

“Facebook has not reached that point of diminishing returns yet. Eventually, the number of people signing up for an account will have to taper off because, well, there won’t be that many people left.”

And Facebook is holding onto its users. Social Internet Fund founder Lou Kerner tells Bloomberg — more than half of of those 901 million people log in on a daily basis.

“The majority of Facebook’s users are highly engaged, and in fact they’re growing as a percentage of the total Facebook userbase. And that’s really positive for Facebook.”

Positive, Engadget says, because each user makes Facebook a little more money.

“Facebook was even able to slap a per-user amount on its 900 million active monthly members — $1.21 — that’s the average revenue for each person with an account at the site.”

Shareholders are going to want to see those returns climbing when Facebook goes public. And for the moment, it looks like growing revenue will be as simple as signing up more users.

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