Anonymous Releases Its Own OS?


An OS allegedly created by hacker group Anonymous has emerged on the web. See here a video report from Newsy:

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Hacktivist group Anonymous has reportedly released their own operating system. It’s Linux-based, free and has already been downloaded more than 26,000 times. Techworld explains, it’s packed with hacking tools.

“The OS is reported to include a greatest hits mix of DDoS tools including Low Orbit Ion Canon, Slowloris, the Havij SQL injection utility, the John the Ripper password cracker, ParolaPass Password Generator, as well as communication tools such as IRC and Pidgin IM.”

However, it’s still unclear whether the OS is actually a product of the hacker group. CNET explains Anonymous is very decentralized, which might be the issue:

“What’s not immediately clear is just who it is behind the operating system. Anonymous has no central hierarchy, and in many cases, parts of the group break off from the main sector to engage in their own activities. In other words, there is no easy way to know if this operating system has been endorsed by the whole group, or is the brainchild of just a few members.”

But Twitter account AnonOps, recognized as an official source for Anonymous, has labeled the operating system “fake” and “wrapped in Trojans.” also doubts the connection between the two:

“…the text on the about page doesn’t read like the usual Anonymous missives… ‘Please don’t use any tool to destroy any web page.’ And yes, there’s even a smiley on the end. Next comes a reminder that you could face jail time if you do participate in attacks … It’s a far cry from the bold anti-authoritarian language that we’ve seen before in ‘official’ Anonymous releases.”

Those who run the OS are also taking some security risks. The Hacker News reminds users to be cautious:

“Warning : It is not developed by any Genuine Source, can be backdoored OS by any Law enforcement Company or Hacker. Use at your own Risk.”

Sourceforge, which hosts the OS, has decided to pull it off their website indefinitely. Ubergizmo reports:

“After careful consideration they have decided to pull it offline based on the grounds that it had no connection to the hacker collective, Anonymous; and because it was a security risk.”

It is not yet known whether the creators of the operating system will seek to host it elsewhere.

Transcript by Newsy.

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