iPad 3 Coming in Early 2012


Several iPad 3 release date and specification rumors are circulating. See what the analysts are saying about the next gen iPad. See here a video report from Newsy:

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February? March? April, maybe? iPad 3 rumors are circulating almost weekly and DigiTimes added to the speculation on Monday, writing:

“The next generation iPads are expected to be available in the next 3-4 months.”

Okay, so it falls in line with Apple’s regular release pattern. But the Wall Street Journal says that’s still good to hear considering what happened earlier this year.

“… the concern was that the flooding in Thailand, the earthquake in Japan would disrupt the supply chain, so delaying the launches of some of these products. It doesn’t seem to be the case with iPad.”

And all the rumor coverage must be good for Apple, right? Fortune says, maybe not, — it could end up doing more harm than good to Apple’s holiday sales.

“Remember what happened to iPhone 4 sales last summer? They hit a wall in mid-July, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, when ‘speculation’ that Apple was about to release a new iPhone, ‘hit extreme highs.’ “

But Touch Reviews says, Apple might be trying to loosen holiday shoppers’ purse strings by slashing prices on refurbished iPad 2.

“Apple currently sells the refurbished products on its online store, and also gives them out as replacements in retail stores. However, it is very likely that Apple is looking to clear out stock of the iPad 2 in order to make way for the new iPad 3, pegged for release in February 2012.”

Although there are rumors of nice features like an HD screen and LTE connection, the International Business Times says Apple is still making tweaks as production begins.

“Sources from within Apple’s supply chain say the company had yet to sign off on a final design, but Apple has reportedly developed two next-generation designs, codenamed ‘J1’ and ‘J2,’ which each feature slightly different specifications, sizes and technologies.”

Transcript by Newsy.

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