Google make some changes working with Developers


Google decided to take make some changes in the way they approach working with developers. Hear what’s important to them and how you can get involved.

Video Google Developer

(total 01:11min | streamed by google developers channel)

Google offers over 100 APIs, dozens of developer tools, and a raft of developer advocates around the world. Obviously, a lot has changed and the Web has matured significantly. Google has also evolved and matured, and we felt that it was time to step back and rethink how we interact with and support our developer community.

See the videos of the developers:

You also can add a video (it’s easy, really!) directly from the page, on with your mobile phone.

More information from Amy Walgenbach, the Product Marketing lead for the Google+ platform and leads developer marketing for games at Google.

A lot of our readers from the nautical business have “in-house” programmers or make their own pages. For all of them its important to know the latest on Api´s and Codes. (Editors note)

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